Contact Us for Custom Feed Blends

At Twillman, we know that not every animal or operation is the same. That’s why we also create custom feed plans and homemade feed plans to suit every animal and producer throughout every season! Please give us a call if you have an inquiry about a custom blend!

Floor stocked bagged options:
* Amino Gain Calf Ration
* Pig Grower
* Twillman Goat Grower
*Whole Corn
*Sweet Feed 11%
*Sweet Feed 13%
*Laying Mash
*Soybean Meal 48%

Feed For Champions

 Our selection of show feeds and supplements prepare your 4-H and FFA animals from start to finish. Contact us and let us assist you in developing the proper animal nutrition plan so that you’ll have a shot for the winner’s circle!

eQUINE, cATTLE, pOultry & MORE

For those that are looking to feed their pets and ensure their livestock get optimal nutrtion– look no further! We’ve got just what you need to keep all of your animals, big and small, happy all year round!

Pro Yields for your Fields

Missouri Southern Seeds has the quality seed that you want and the variety to accommodate both large acre operations and smaller specialty crops. Traditional and hybrid annual forages and cover crops are here to go fit your region’s weather and your field’s geography. Gardening items, turf, and fertilizers are also available.

A Boot for any Chore

It always helps to make sure you’re prepared for any task, and Dryshod boots should be in everyone’s corner. These boots are created for comfort and durability, in addition to being water and weather proof. A must when it comes to trekking through mud, washing animals, or any outdoor chore!